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January 2017
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CANAL WINCHESTER, OH – The weather was perfect, the car was performing to perfection and then the Bill Lutz - 2016 Door Warsunthinkable happened, breakage.

“We’ve been steadily working to gain consistency with our program since the start of the season,” stated Lutz.  “Our first few outings of the year pointed to a couple of issues we needed to figure out, so going to test early at Maryland International Raceway, prior to the North East Outlaw Pro Mods, race was critical to our program.

Testing they did and with great results!  With a string of 5.90’s in testing they capped the day off with a 5.86 @ 262.99 MPH, setting a new track MPH record at MDIR.  With the confidence gained from 4 great test hits on Friday, Lutz felt they had everything squared away to ‘bring it’ to his competitors on Saturday in qualifying.

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Martin, MI – Some of the biggest names in Pro Mod racing lined up to compete at the IHRA Nitro Jam.

Bill Lutz - IHRA Martin NJ winBill Lutz, running a brand new Elite 2500 setup in his Pro Mod Camaro, was keen to prove a point and made his intentions clear right from the start.

“We started the weekend a little slow but by Q2 we had fixed all the issues and started running good ETs, in fact, our times improved every single round!”

Bill was consistently fast with 6.44, 6.11, 6.03 and finally dipped into the 5-second bracket with a 5.95 in the semis. In the finals Bill lined up against Steve Matusek. Bill pulled an amazing 5.93 ET and a win light to claim the win.

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Canal Winchester, OH – It’s official, we are going to race with the newly formed Crower IHRA Pro Mod class.  The Bill Lutz Pro Modannouncement by the IHRA leadership at the 2014 Performance Racing Industries trade show in December of the return of the class they created many years ago was not news to Bill Lutz Racing.  “I had been working with the IHRA tech department for some time trying to help shape the rules for the new class.” stated Lutz.  “It was an honor to work with an organization who’s primary purpose is to support the racers, fans and industry as a whole.  Their vision for the future of drag racing and for the Pro Mod class has many of the competitors looking forward to the inaugural season of the rejuvenated class.  We have great expectations for the IHRA and Pro Mod in general.”

Lutz will also be running select events with the NMCA in their Pro Mod class.  Bill explained further, “The rules are close between the 2 organizations and we have a combination that is very competitive in their class, so it makes sense to run the close events.  To have more than one place to race is a huge bonus, especially with a few of their races being close to our Ohio based operation.  We look forward to the fierce competition across the board in both organization.”

Bill Lutz Racing is teaming up with the Xtreme Outlaw series to bring Pro Mods to their race and the plan for now will be 12 cars and under it will run on a 8 car field and 13 and over will move a 16 car field. It will be at least $2,000 to $2500 to win, $1,000 runner up, $250 to the Semi finals, and $125 to qualify. 

Bill Lutz Racing is working on additional sponsors to get the pay up from winner to qualify positions and will keep everyone posted on the pay out as it increases.  Bill would love to make it $5,000 winner, $2,000 R/U. $1,000 for semi finals amd $250 to make the field but will need some sponsors to make it happen.  All payouts are 100% guaranteed. Entry will be $125 which includes driver and 2 crew.

If you are interested in becoming a sponsor for this great opportunity contact Bill at 

If you’re not familiar with Kilkare in Xenia, Ohio they have put over 1 million dollars into the facility over the winter with all new track surface and new retaining walls instead of guardrails. This will be a top notch facility to run 1/8th mile races at and you’ll be impressed with the fans that come to these races. I will announce the dates once we have everything set up so please start planning on attending tese races because you won’t be disappointed.

Rules will be very simple.

1) Meet all NHRA safety rules and have current NHRA license.
2) Boosted BB cars 2500, NOS and boosted SB cars no min weight.
3) Must be a door car.
4) Have fun.